Ukrainian startups at CES 2017 – UA Expo Tech zone

12 January 17Ukrainian startups at CES 2017 – UA Expo Tech zone

Ukrainian startups at CES 2017 – UA Expo Tech zone

A shortlist of startup projects to present Ukraine at the international technology exhibition CES 2017 was formed last October. Winners of the UVCA Startup Challenge demonstrated their products at UA Expo Tech zone, which was created within the event for the first time. 8 teams from Ukraine managed to present their developments at the largest innovative event in Las Vegas. We have already mentioned the project, and now let’s take a look at 7 more startups.

1. Technovator

Wireless charger is able to charge 4 gadgets simultaneously within a radius of 5 meters. The kit includes a base station and cases for smartphones. It is controlled via a special application. The first Technovator prototype is completely ready.

2. Luciding

Telemedicine gadget to control dreams. It includes a head bandage and several sensors. The realization and control of dreams become possible due to monitoring of the REM sleep phase. The gadget transmits an electrical signal to the brain at a frequency of 40 Hz. The device is powered by the mobile application.

3. Wider MultiVision

Folding monoblock with a very large screen, which also includes projection modules, computer, sound system and uninterruptible power supply. When assembled, it has quite a compact size and can be transported in a regular car. Wider is a perfect solution for exhibitions and festivals – it was demonstrated at the WEGAME 2.0 in Kyiv last fall.

4. SolarGaps

Blinds with built-in solar batteries that can produce up to 100 kW of electricity per month. SolarGaps is controlled via the app and smartphone.

5. Hideez

Startups Hideez has created 2 products designed to protect personal information on the network. Keychain Hideez Key keeps passwords from gadgets, PC and profiles of various Internet resources. It automatically blocks all the devices when the owner moves away, and activates the passwords on his return.

Bracelet Hideez Band has the same functions, but for its activation the owner has to scan the eye retina. Currently, the device is at the prototype stage.

6. Cardiomo

Compact wearable gadget for monitoring vital health parameters. It informs the owner about the current state of health. When some health problems occur, the device immediately warns the family members and doctor. Cardiomo has its commercial version already.

7. Ecoisme

Smart system for monitoring energy consumption in the house or apartment. It consists of software and gadget that is implemented into the home electrical supply network to collect and process data on its operation. After analyzing the information, Ecoisme helps each user to find the most convenient method for energy saving.


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