Conference program



Innovations for business

Denis Vinogradsky. CEO at Mig Robotics

Smart City – a city of the future

Dmitriy Lisitskiy. Co-founder of Influ2

How AI technologies help to make an influence on us and what would be the result of it

Andriy Krasnyy. Deloitte

Robotics and smart automation, conceptual aspects of AI and robot applications for process automation

Aleksandr Gromyko. President of Saturn Holding

Innovations in energy-efficient production

Jаanika Merilo. Deputy Mayor of Dnipro. Adviser to the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine and adviser to the Mayor of Lviv

Open Dnipro or how to build high-end e-city

Pavlo Sheremeta. Founder of PRORYV strategies workshop. President of Kyiv School of Economics

Value innovation in the Blue Ocean Strategy

Coffee break

Healthcare innovations

Mikhail Radutskiy. Counselor to the Head of Kiev City State Administration, owner of the Boris Clinic


Alexey Shershnev. Executive director at illaya

Biotechnology in medicine. Reality

Alexander Zdrak

CEO at TM Manorm

Yaroslav Zablotskiy. Professor, M.D, owner of the International Group Zablotskyy Clinic

Marketing categories in healthcare: establishment and promotion features

Valeria Zhuk

Managing Partner at Quadrate 28

Maksym Diachenko.Founder and CEO of XORESEARCH

Medicine of the future. Process automation and outpatient diagnostics

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Innovations in education

Maksim Pochebut. Head of Education Programs in Ukraine at EPAM Global


Olga Svyrydenko. Teacher Engagement Manager, Central & Eastern Europe, Microsoft

Еducation as a currency of the future

Evgeniy Makarenko. CEO & Co-founder of SkillUP Ukraine, Georgia. EdTech investor

3 cases of innovative education: for people, business and country

Bogdan Oleksandryk. Founder of ThinkGlobal

Modern education: Coordinate system changes

Alexander Danko. IBM Academic Initiative, University and Government Relations Coordinator

Creating the possibilities through leadership and innovation

Why do talented technical specialists leave Ukraine. How to encourage and keep the best ones

Andrey Kolodyuk. Founder and Managing Partner at AVentures Capital


Alex Davidenko

Sr. Director of Operations at Petcube. Prior experience: Platinum Bank and Global Spirits

Volodymyr Beck

Head of IT Committee at ЕВА and BoD member of Sigma Software Group

Ivan Pogrebniak

Delivery Operations Director at Ciklum

Maksim Shkolnik

Founder and СЕО of

Yuriy Nazarov. Head of information and communication technology at Kyiv City State Administration, co-coordinator at Kyiv Smart City

Cooperation between innovative projects and city infrastructure

Yaroslava Boyko

Сo-coordinator at Kyiv Smart City

Coffee break

Investors’ speeches

Denis Gurskiy. Founder of non-profit organization SOCIALBOOST, Ukraine’s first non-commercial incubator 1991 OPEN DATA INCUBATOR

How government may be useful for startups

Evgeniy Sarantsov. Со-founder of TradeHub, BlackBox Capital. Managing partner at Technology Companies' Development Center

Innovations as a service. Creating the ecosystem and infrastructure

Nataliia Berezovskaya. CEO and founder of D2N8 Ventures, Head of UAngel

More than just money: how to tame your angel

Andrey Kolodyuk. Founder and Managing Partner at AVentures Capital

How to attract iinvestments for a startup

Alex Nesterenko. CEO & Founder at ARTKB

Presentation of a startup on the international arena: how to spend budget with benefits

Coffee break

Olga Baranets. CEO at Nurse Mobile

  Pocket hub for managing your health

Mikhail Utkin. CEO at eFarmer

How to find product-market fit in AgTech

Roman Belkin. CEO at Cardiomo

Wearables: from fashionable knickknacks to saving lives

Sergey Kazantsev. CEO at

How startups create the market that is not there yet

Artem Batogovskyi. CEO at VRnet.IO

Future world today: VR and business

Maxim Gerbut. CEO в PassivDom

Energy-efficient technologies and mobile construction: How 3D printing increases productivity



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