Ivan Shihat-Sarkisov

Ivan Shihat-Sarkisov

Founder Technic.ua

I cheerfully accepted the invitation to hold the master classes on robotics for children within InnoTech Ukraine. However in general, I treated the idea of organizing one another technological event" (as I originally labelled it for myself) with scepticism. I just did not expect that the organizers would be able to collect under the NSC's roof and the sky of Kiev the entire spectrum of innovative directions presented in our country! Yes, they have managed to do it well! These three days were devoted to innovations and I consider that the master-classes for children were the most important part. I was glad to cooperate with a team of professionals!

Uriy Kucherovskiy

Uriy Kucherovskiy

Guest of exhibition demo zone

We were there only one day, on Friday. We liked the level of organization, the level of representatives of the companies, the level of the exhibits. We were impressed with Max robot, another "dancing" robot (Nao), electric cars and a hologram on the board. Children were absolutely thrilled!) Thanks a lot. It is nice that there are such events that bring together the entire communities of modern technologies in Ukraine.

Vadim Rogovsky

Vadim Rogovsky

CEO WannaBiz

Thanks to the organizers for their invitation to InnoTech Ukraine! The conference pleased us with its variety and high level of preparation. We communicated with start-ups represented within Speed Dealing with pleasure. We have found some interesting projects for WannaBiz.
I am glad that the audience appreciated my report and its discussion continued after my speech. We managed to communicate with all interested and respond to urgent questions.
We hope for continuation of this good initiative and look forward to the next conference.


InnoTech Ukraine Summary

Within three days, April 9-11, Kiev hosted for the first time the Ukrainian forum of innovative technologies InnoTech Ukraine, which brought together under its banner all cutting-edge technological products.

3D printing and scanning technology, robotics, smart gadgets, as well as innovative solutions in medicine and education became a topic of discussion and demonstration at InnoTech Ukraine.

The forum involved five specialized conferences that were able to attract a capacity crowd and draw attention of the government agencies. About 30 largest companies had their stands in the Demo zone. There were represented a large number of domestic start-ups within the speed dealing section. A new record of Ukraine, the biggest run of electric vehicles, was set as well.

During three days, the forum brought together more than 5,000 likeminded people who were able to prove that our country needed innovative changes and that such changes were already taking place. However, in order to make this process easier to begin, we need effective communication between all the participants.

Smile-Expo Company is sincerely grateful to everyone who joined and became a part of this great event. We would like to see you again next year at InnoTech Ukraine 2016, which will be even better, because innovations are not standing still.

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