Nuro raised $92 million for unmanned trucks production

31 January 18Nuro raised $92 million for unmanned trucks production

Nuro raised $92 million for unmanned trucks production

Two ex-Googlers founded Nuro, a startup developed a prototype of an unmanned truck for delivery of goods. Instead of improving the existing Ford Focus, they’ve created a truck that is 2 times smaller than ordinary cars.

Its operating name is Nuro R1. The truck is equipped with a radar, light radar and several cameras. There is no driver's seat and any familiar driving tools. The vehicle can drive both along ordinary roads and the sidewalks.

R1 can deliver food, basic necessities and other small goods.

Clients use a special mobile application to track the delivery. As soon as the truck arrives at the place of destination, you receive a message. You need to enter a password to open the compartment.

Banyan Capital and Greylock Partners invested $92 million in the project. The company is negotiating on partnership with courier services and retailers.


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