Recommendations and lifehacks for CES from Ukrainian startup founders

03 February 17Recommendations and lifehacks for CES from Ukrainian startup founders

Recommendations and lifehacks for CES from Ukrainian startup founders

In the article about the panel discussion “The truth about CES” we mentioned that participants shared useful recommendations and lifehacks. We offer you to have a look at the most important and interesting ones.

Who is who at CES?

Visitors of CES exhibition do not always use badges which confirm their status. Investors and mass media representatives usually go without them to evaluate booths without attracting unwanted attention.

“We decided to pitch towards everyone equally”, said Svetlana Malevannaya (

Participants advised to advertise products to everyone interested in the booth with equal enthusiasm. Unfortunately, it is not always possible due to a great amount of visitors of the largest event dedicated to consumer electronics. On the other hand, it will help to find you target audience.

Roman Belkin (Cardiamo) also recommended paying attention to transparent rucksacks with a CES emblem. Every year they are given to journalists, so mass media representatives can be identified even if they don’t have badges.

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What should you take with you?

“To go to CES with a project is a wonderful lifehack in order to improve your English”, joked Roman Belkin. “But, in fact, you should have a ready product to achieve desirable results”.

There’s little chance of attracting even minimal attention in such a large-scale event if you don’t have a product and high-quality visualization.

Additional opportunities

Alexander Nesterenko (ARTKB): “My advice is to pay attention to events at CES. Since there’re lots of them, you just randomly choose one, like in a casino – you don’t know where you win and where you lose”.

Lots of industry events are held during CES. You can meet investors, distributors and potential clients.

Svetlana Malevannaya: “Our main mistake was that only two of us represented the project. It is necessary to do everything: to pitch, to participate in events, to learn about rivals’ projects and to look for partners”.

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“All 20 Ukrainian projects helped each other. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have done it”, said Svetlana Malevannaya.

Not only startups participating in UA Tech Expo, but also creators of other Ukrainian projects were helping each other. In 2017 the exhibition was visited by around 20 exhibitors from Ukraine.

Alexandr Nesterenko: “It is very important when your colleagues and your community support you. At least, they will help you to bring something forgotten at CES or take it back to Ukraine”.

Participants of the panel discussion told various stories about moments when team spirit of Ukrainian community came to rescue. Lots of common issues (for example, the booth design or purchase of a Wi-Fi router) were easily solved together with others. They also helped each other to find interesting competitive projects or thematic events.


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