Will robots replace restaurant staff?

01 September 16Will robots replace restaurant staff?

Will robots replace restaurant staff?

It's no secret that people are trying to get rid of monotonous and hard labor by automating many aspects of life. It’s been a long time since assembly-line production was introduced at plants, shifting most of the operations on machines, and people only have to monitor the process. The same situation can be observed in everyday life: washing machines, vacuum cleaner robots and even cars are designed to save human energy, time and money.

Robot automation of various production fields is extremely beneficial for employers, both for large corporations and small businesses. Against the background of movement of American fast-food workers “Fight for $15”, which asserted itself this spring, many fast food restaurant owners are thinking over employing robots.

According to McKinsey & Company consulting company, more than 70% of the work being done by employees of restaurants and cafes may be done by modern machines.

Here are a few examples of technologies that can replace restaurant staff:

Robotic Kitchen from Moley Robotics - 2 robotic arms, reproducing movements of the Chef by watching video;

- 3D printer Foodini and other food printers create edible dishes that may look like works of art;

- BratWurst Bot is a robot that can grill sausages, take orders and serve food;

- Spyce Kitchen - a device that combines all kitchen equipment and robotic master chef. It can automatically mix the ingredients and cook meal.


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