Top 5 ingenious startups

24 May 16Top 5 ingenious startups

Top 5 ingenious startups

Not all start-ups manage to show excellent results and succeed on the market. Let's take a look at the top five start-ups that managed to win over an audience and made progress in business.


Plate that extract excess calories. It was designed by Ad agency BBDO Bangkok and Thai Health Promotion Foundation.

Plate is perforated with 500 holes that absorb oil. After such absorption meal becomes poorer in calories. Its surface is easy to clean, and a plate may be used in restaurants.

Currently only a prototype was created and its future is still unknown.

For the journey

Australian start-up Fontus designed the first self-filling water bottle. Cooled air becomes condensed and get through a filter into the bottle and then this water is mineralized. In the best climate conditions, nearly +30°C and 80-90% humidity, the system can collect 0.5 liters of water per hour.

There are two versions: for backpackers (Airo) and for bike riders (Ryde). Its price is $165–200.

3D technology

3D printers that can print pizza or spaghetti, clothing and many other things resonate with users.

For example professors and students of the University of California designed a swimming suit that removes pollution within swimming. It has a replaceable sponge; one sponge can be used for 20 times. Authors also promised to release surfing shorts and wetsuits for cleaning the water.

Foodini prototype that can print food was created in Natural Machines. Special capsules are loaded with the ingredients and printer produces them in pre-programed form. The printer makes sandwiches with two kinds of sauce.

High-end restaurants have already started to use the device. Its price - $ 2,000.

Always connected

FlameStower – device for charging you smartphone from fire. Metal plate heats up and together with water reservoir generates current, while thermoelectric transducer allows charging the device. The price of the device is only $99.

Smart watch

Future Interfaces Group Laboratory created a device that can turn your skin into a touchscreen. The device includes a ring and a bracelet that are to be worn on left and right hand, generating signals. The gadget is controlled by gestures and pressings. Your clothing won’t interfere with its operation.


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