Kickstarter team’s forecast for innovations of 2017

26 December 16Kickstarter team’s forecast for innovations of 2017

Kickstarter team’s forecast for innovations of 2017

Specialists of Kickstarter crowd funding service have analyzed popular technologies of this year and made a forecast of innovations that will be especially in-demand in 2017. We have selected the most interesting and prospective of them in order to acquaint you with technological trends of the coming year.

All kinds of smart devices and big data

team believes that portable devices with artificial intelligent systems will be even more popular next year. There will be more functional personal assistants and a greater amount of various portable smart gadgets.

also associate smart devices with big data options. According to them, AI systems can be really useful only if they have an access to data of many users. It is big data acquisition and its analysis using AI that is the future of innovations of 2017.

Kickstarter team’s forecast for innovations of 2017

Technologies for children

designed to educate children in programming, creating robots and other progressive technical skills will be especially popular next year. According to Kickstarter team, educative games are interesting and useful at the same time, thus they hold the key of the future.

Designing things at home

Experts claim that the next year will present more devices, helping to create anything at home. Interior and everyday items, food, clothes and other useful things – creation of all this stuff by yourself at home will be a trend of 2017. Such technological devices suggest not only various 3D printers, but also other portable gadgets.


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