Beer, pizza and mayo. What can your kitchen devices make?

08 December 17Beer, pizza and mayo. What can your kitchen devices make?

Beer, pizza and mayo. What can your kitchen devices make?

Food Loves Tech is an exhibition of unique devices for restaurateurs and enthusiasts who like to grow food at home. Futurism ranked five participating manufacturers, whose devices can be useful both for professional kitchens, and at home.

Selffee prints images on cakes, cupcakes and even milkshakes. Earlier you had to order printing on waffle paper to cover products with an "edible photo", now a printer is used. Food ink is used as consumables.

BeeHex is a 3D printer that makes basis for pizza of any shape. The device puts the dough on a baking tray according to the specified model and pours tomato sauce on top. The cook then just lays out stuffing and puts pizza into the oven.

SproutsIO is a smart flower pot for growing greenery at home. The device is equipped with LED lighting, hydroponic and aeroponic systems, it controls the light and watering of plants, and therefore growing fresh greens in such conditions can be many times faster.

The Good Spoon is a gadget that turns harmful mayonnaise to useful: microalgae of chlorella is used instead of eggs. Why is it good for health? It has 2 times more protein than beef, and 15 times more iron than spinach.

PicoBrew is a home mini brewery. Just put all the necessary ingredients into the machine, and the device will make fresh beer. It is kind of equivalent of the coffee machine, but you get not latte, but a glass of dark, for example.


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