Interesting gadgets presented in 2017

10 January 17Interesting gadgets presented in 2017

Interesting gadgets presented in 2017

The new year has just started, but already managed to present several fascinating technological novelties. Let’s take a look at some gadgets, which were of particular interest during the technological exhibition CES 2017 that took place in Las Vegas recently.

Drone designed to hold human

Interesting gadgets presented in 2017 - 1

UAVs have engrained into our lives. They assist us in package delivery, cooking, filming, etc. This year has presented a drone person can fly in.

Smart bracelet for alcohol control

Interesting gadgets presented in 2017 - 2

The device is connected to a smartphone via special app. It can monitor alcohol intoxication dynamics, as well as notify about preset threshold.

Fitness ring

Interesting gadgets presented in 2017 - 3

Fitness bracelet is not a new gadget, yet quite popular today. Despite its small size, fitness ring has a wide range of functions as well (it can count steps, control calories, determine sleep phases, etc). The device is water-proof, and its battery life is 3-5 days.

Bed of the future

Interesting gadgets presented in 2017 - 4

The exhibition has also presented a smart bed, connected to a smartphone. It can determine snoring, warm feet, waken its owner at stipulated time and has other useful features. Such a bed adjusts to the owner for maximum comfort.

VR glove

Interesting gadgets presented in 2017 - 5

This year the CES 2017 for the first time included an area for Ukrainian innovations. One of the most interesting domestic projects – Raccoon startup presented a glove and a clip for interaction with virtual reality.

The glove is under development now, while the clip is ready. For the first time, VR clip was presented last autumn at WEGAME festival in Kyiv, but its international presentation took place at CES in 2017.


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