Innovation space HUB 4.0 – one of the leading country’s platforms for promoting Ukrainian startups

11 May 17Innovation space HUB 4.0 – one of the leading country’s platforms for promoting Ukrainian startups

Innovation space HUB 4.0 – one of the leading country’s platforms for promoting Ukrainian startups

A growing number of new platforms, intended to develop the startup industry, emerge in Ukraine today. In Kyiv, the leading center to promote the Ukrainian innovations is HUB 4.0 that actively works with innovators.

HUB 4.0 participated in the exhibition and forum InnoTech Ukraine 2017, where we talked to the head of the Innovation Gallery project Yaroslav Bitiev about the presented developments, collaboration with startups and company’s future plans.

Journalist – Yanina Volovyk (Smile-Expo)

Speaker – Yaroslav Bitiev

Innovation space HUB 4.0 – one of the leading country’s platforms for promoting Ukrainian startups

Y.V.: What’s the characteristic feature of HUB 4.0?

Y.B.: Our unique focus area is the Innovation Gallery – a platform that gives Ukrainian developers an opportunity to represent themselves in the best possible way and absolutely for free. HUB 4.0 not only provides space to demonstrate projects, but also connects other communication channels. For example, we use our public pages in social networks and events, in which HUB 4.0 takes part, to promote Ukrainian developments for more Ukrainians to find out about innovative breakthroughs.

Y.V.: What have you showcased at InnoTech exhibition?

Y.B.: Every attendee of InnoTech Ukraine can get acquainted with the following exhibits of the Innovation Gallery HUB 4.0:

• Cardiomo – a device that allows monitoring health of close people remotely, using a smartphone and the device itself;

• ‘Nazvychas’ – an innovative table clock that shows the time in words, notifications from social media as well as the environmental temperature;

• Braille Teach – an interactive toy for children with vision problems, which allows learning Braille lettering while playing;

• Raccoon.Clip – a compact gaming device to interact with virtual and augmented reality.

Y.V.: Which developments are you planning to showcase in HUB 4.0 in the nearest future?

Y.B.: We started to operate in 2015. Around 30 projects were presented at our platform during this time. The Innovation Gallery is a dynamic project that is constantly growing.

It’s hard to say exactly which projects we will present tomorrow as it’s our daily work. Of course, we have certain plans to change exhibits, but we always try to keep the intrigue in order to maintain the interest of our residents.

Y.V.: Do you work with startupers and do you facilitate the development of their projects?

Y.B.: Of course, we work with startup representatives. For example, today at InnoTech Ukraine, we showcase startup projects. Two of them are winners of the regional round of the international championship "Golden Byte", based on the results of which developers received gift certificates from HUB 4.0. That’s why these projects are not only presented at our platform but also participate in InnoTech today with us.

Y.V.: Which of the presented devices do you personally use?

Y.B.: These devices are not available for sale yet, we present only prototypes. I would distinguish Cardiomo. I understand that every person has parents, grandparents, so the device that allows monitoring health of relatives is useful for everyone. I believe that as soon as it goes for sale, there will be many people willing to buy it, including me.

Y.V.: Are you planning to expand the reach of HUB 4.0?

Y.B.: Of course, the development concept of HUB 4.0 involves advancement. The fact that our platform takes part in metropolitan events as well as events held in other Ukrainian cities confirms my words. Of course, it’s important to keep going and develop; therefore we consider the growth possibilities not only within Ukraine but also entering the global market in terms of promoting Ukrainian innovations.


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