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22 February 16InnoTech Ukraine media partner:

InnoTech Ukraine media partner: is a free online service for doctors searching and making appointments. Our main aim is to assure our clients that their health is in good hands. We carefully check all information about doctors and hospitals published on our website and provide an objective rating of the experts. We collect and provide reliable information about doctors of all medical facilities and form a unique rating system, so that patients would be able to make their choice, based on objective data without advertising. We appreciate feedbacks and wishes of our patients, because only with their help we are able to improve work of doctors and hospitals.

All reviews and comments on doctors and hospitals work are left only by real patients who had an appointment! Each review affects the rating of specialists and hospitals, helping other patients to receive quality medical care. We believe that it is time to change the vision of health care system services! Thanks to transparent ratings, complete and accurate information about services, each patient can choose best doctor in the desired area of the city and make an appointment. Fast, convenient and free.

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