Fintech applications that help you save money

23 August 17Fintech applications that help you save money

Fintech applications that help you save money

Modern financial technology tools show current budget, help track the income and control expenses better. These applications teach users to save funds and raise large sums for huge projects. We selected five best services for those who want to manage their money intelligently.

Application 1: YNAB

A financial planning tool. Tracks expenses and incomes, helps save a percentage of profits in a piggy bank and synchronizes the accounts.

Price: first 34 days are free, then $50 a year.

Application 2: Mint

Shows current account and calculates the amount spent in a month. The main advantage of the application is that it gives advice on how to save money.

Price: free.

Application 3: Credit Karma

Service for monitoring the financial institutions obligations fulfillment. User account is checked by creditors, insurance companies, and employers. Program provides detailed reports.

Price: Free

Application 4: Acorns

The best solution for investors. It automatically rounds up each purchase cost and puts the difference into a diversified user account.

Price: $ 1 per month, students with email .edu - free of charge.

Application 5: Digit

A tool for saving money. Smart service monitors costs and revenues and draws the optimal amount on a daily basis. Money is deposited to the user's savings account.

Price: 100 days for free, then $ 3 per month.


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