Electronic tattoo, biological prosthesis, and eco-flagstone: innovations obtained award at SXSW 2017 festival

10 April 17Electronic tattoo, biological prosthesis, and eco-flagstone: innovations obtained award at SXSW 2017 festival

Electronic tattoo, biological prosthesis, and eco-flagstone: innovations obtained award at SXSW 2017 festival

Each year, the USA holds the South by Southwest festival that includes awarding ceremony of developers of the most interesting innovative devices. This time, “quite strange guys” have won. At least, it is advertising agencies that say so. The review will reveal who these guys are and what they have invented.

Top 8 innovative devices from SXSW 2017

1. DuoSkin – electronic tattoos

It is the most outstanding invention that has been previously considered as a reality only in fantastic stories and movies. A temporary electronic tattoo is created of a foil paper using a plotter. It allows to control various devices, obtain data on health condition and provide information that can be read by other devices.

The unique mix of a decoration and portable device was presented by members of Massachusetts institute of technologies

2. PRIME Needle Free Injector – needless syringe

This device can administer a drug without a needle using the technology for injecting a directed thin jet, getting through skin. And unique gadget software allows to monitor your health condition.

The innovation was developed by Portal Instruments.

3. Holoplot Wave Field Generator –wave field generator

This device allows to direct sonic flows, enhance or concentrate them in one zone. And all of this is conducted using user-friendly application on tablets or smartphones.

The invention belongs to Holoplot GmbH.

4. V3 by Pavegen – flagstone for electricity generation

Using magnetic induction generators, flagstone can convert power of people approaching it into electricity. A part of generated energy is used for highlighting this flagstone.

The innovation was developed by UK-based Pavegen Systems.

5. BionicM – bionic prosthesis

A functional prosthesis prototype allows to return mobility to people who have lost overknee leg. The invention is only under development, however, there are good chances for the ready-made product allowing disabled people to squat, ascend the stairs and even run.

The biological prosthesis is developed by scientists from the JSK robotics laboratory at the University of Tokyo.

6. Tilt Brush – virtual hand

This unique gadget allows to draw 3D images in virtual reality. Within the Tilt Brush Artist in Residence project, the solution was tested by well-known artists, designers and even dancers. What they got was masterpieces.

Needless to say, it is Google that has invented such an incredible art tool.

7. Halo 2 – hearing kit for iPhone

This portable device helps hearing-impaired people to communicate on the phone, listen to music, talk to Siri, watch videos and many other things. The hearing kit is connected to iOS-based smartphones, tablets and smart watches. It is controlled by special TruLink application.

The novelty was developed by Starkey Hearing Technologies.

8. 3Doodler Pro – functional 3D pen

A compact tool for 3D printing can be used by architects, engineers, designers and artists to create quality prototypes and unique art objects rapidly. The pen works with a wide spectrum of consumable materials.

It is created by the well-known company – 3Doodler.


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