5 startups providing healthcare solutions

15 December 175 startups providing healthcare solutions

5 startups providing healthcare solutions

Artificial intelligence systems can be applied in various human focus areas. AI specialists have started working even is such a sector as a personalized approach to healthcare. Currently, there are five startups, which provide innovative healthcare solutions.

iCarbonX is a China-based startup collecting data on human health from various companies. Databases are processed by the algorithm with a monitoring function and recommendations regarding a way of looking after person’s health.

Arivale is a US startup providing a new solution for creating a human health image. The algorithm analyzes the results of blood tests and genetic data as well as shows its vision of the health profile.

Viome is an American startup that develops an individual treatment system for patients. One should enter person’s microbiome data and the system will provide its advice.

Vitagene is a US startup providing people with a comprehensive card including recommendations on a diet, physical exercises and drug intake based on the DNA analysis.

Suggestic is an American startup establishing a proper and useful menu according to person’s physiological needs and individual preferences. The service analyzes data on user parameter, health condition etc. and offers the most appropriate menu.


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