InnoTech 2017 will feature Battle of Startups

13 March 17InnoTech 2017 will feature Battle of Startups

InnoTech 2017 will feature Battle of Startups

The third international forum of innovative technologies InnoTech 2017 will take place on April 7-9. The event will bring together industry experts, developers and companies using leading technologies in business, education, healthcare, manufacturing and robotics.

InnoTech 2017 will feature Battle of Startups (April 7). Every project will have an opportunity to test its own investment potential and get a chance to rise to a new level.

The battle has the format of pitch sessions. Participants will have to present main ideas and points of their projects in the limited time.

Advantages of participation:

• Meeting potential clients or business partners;

• Receiving the opportunity to find new directions for investments;

• Sharing experience and getting high-quality feedbacks from judges, industry experts and forum visitors.

Startups with maximum results will receive prizes from official partners of the event – HUB 4.0. and Quadrate 28.

HUB 4.0 is an innovative and educational center – a coworking space, a business incubator and a conference zone. HUB 4.0 strives to popularize achievements of Ukrainian scientists, innovators and developers.

Quadrate 28 Company is a marketing agency which specializes in promoting startups as well as small and medium businesses. Quadrate 28 clients include International Group Zablotskyy Clinic, the best Ukrainian web production Vintage, the shopping center Globus, “Avtopark”, the bureau of developing new products ARTKB.

The company carried out projects for “Nova Poshta”, Ukrainian Retail Association, helped to launch the Museum of Freedom/Maidan Museum.

The main objectives of Battle of Startups are to develop the market of innovative technologies, make the sphere available to the wide range of customers and influence the future by supporting new ideas.

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