Smart drugs, artificial tissues, DNA robots – what’s new in medicine?

26 September 16Smart drugs, artificial tissues, DNA robots – what’s new in medicine?

Smart drugs, artificial tissues, DNA robots – what’s new in medicine?

Implementation of leading technologies in healthcare is taking medical services to a new higher level. Smart lenses, artificial tissues, pills delivering medicine to a specific organ, gene engineering development – it seems that scientists together with doctors are on the brink of discovering a method to treat the most serious diseases and to significantly prolong human life. The article presents a selection of the most interesting innovative projects which can substantially transform medicine in the nearest future.

Cash reward to lead a healthy lifestyle

Health insurance company Oscar Health jointly with the manufacturer of wearable gadgets Fitbit launched an interesting project: the users of Fitbit smart bracelets or other Fitbit gadgets can send data about their accomplishments to the representatives of Oscar Health and receive $1 for every successfully accomplished aim. 

Patients help to study drug effects

A special community of patients from provides a pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca with data about the effectiveness of a certain medication. Consequently, the company can improve its remedies depending on patients’ feedback.

Testing of medicines on artificial tissues and biomaterials

Finally, World Animal Protection can catch a break – instead of experiments on animal creatures specialists will test cosmetics and drugs on artificial tissue and other biomaterial. Organovo Company focuses on creating 3D bioprinted human tissue models and liver tissues. The company has agreed to deliver expendable testing materials to such companies as L’Oreal, Merch, etc. 

Technologies for remote monitoring of patient’s health condition

Boehringer Ingelheim and Sutter Health have decided to run a project on implementation of leading digital technologies in patients’ houses. This will give doctors the opportunity to track users’ health condition in real-time mode.

Smart lenses for diabetics

Novartis Company has signed a partner agreement with Google which will bring smart contact lenses to market. Unique optics created by Google two years ago will help to control blood sugar level and remind a user that glucose level is over the limit. 

Studying the reasons of diseases

Human Longevity Inc. and representatives of Cleveland Clinic have cooperated for a more thorough investigation of human genes. This will allow a clearer understanding of people’s disposition to specific diseases.

The company founded by Google, Calico, and Abbvie are planning to develop therapeutic approaches of increasing the duration of human life.

Delivery of medicines with the help of smart pills

Pfizer Company and Israeli specialists who develop DNA robots are creating smart pills which deliver medicines to a diseased organ. Such treatment is more effective especially in case of fighting with cancer.

A solution for getting topical data about organ’s health

Smart drugs, artificial tissues, DNA robots – what’s new in medicine?

Otsuka Pharmaceuticals and Proteus Digital Health have created pills with a sensor which is connected to a smart wearable microgadget. By this means, a patient will be able to take a medicine and learn the latest information about organ’s health condition. 


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