Top 5 smart devices for pets

05 May 17Top 5 smart devices for pets

Top 5 smart devices for pets

Many people have beloved pets that require not only attention but also to be taken care of. There are devices intended to simplify the process providing entertainment and feeding for animals as well as allowing you to watch your favorites 24/7.

We present a review of five most popular smart devices for pets.


The company has invented a device which throws balls to dogs. Your pet puts a ball into the device’s basket and waits for the alert signal. The ball flies out, and the dog follows it trying to catch.

It’s convenient for people who want their pets to play and move actively despite the fact that they are busy.

2. Petnet

Petnet is a smart feeder for pets. Through the application, it can be adjusted to dispense a certain amount of food at a definite time.

The application can measure the amount of required food for your pet. Also, there is a possibility to enter the information about your pet and its nutritional requirements.

3. Petcube

The device was invented for people that cannot spend much time with their pets, but want to take care of them anyways.

The company has come up with several devices that enable watching pets and playing with them remotely.

Petcube Play – a camera that allows watching your pet 24/7. It has a loudspeaker, laser pointer, and microphone.

can connect to the device via a mobile application. As soon as the connection is established, a person can see what his pet is doing and talk to it. The camera has a night mode so that you will have a possibility to look after your pet even in the dark.

Petcube Care – an application that records all movements of the pet. And you don’t need to stay at home at this time. The application can be managed remotely.

Petcube Bites – a gadget that can feed your pet with delicacies at any time. It can be also done via a mobile application.

4. SureFlap

This device is ideal for cats that live in houses and walk in the street from time to time.

SureFlap is a flap for cats that makes it easy for them to leave the house at any time, and won’t let in other pets.

How does it work? A special chip is installed in the cat’s collar or implanted under its skin. The flap identifies the chip and lets in/out a specific pet.

5. Mishiko

The device looks like an ordinary collar for dogs. But Mishiko is a fitness tracker for active pets. For instance, if your pet likes running, you will be able to easily track its location via the application.

Moreover, you can monitor your pet’s weight and health using the tracker. The software algorithm defines the daily activity norm for a dog. Further, you can watch the statistics, which will provide you with a full picture of the distances you walk through with your pet.


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