Cycle carried around in backpack

01 June 17Cycle carried around in backpack

Cycle carried around in backpack

Citizens in large cities get used to constant traffic jams, crowded subways, and to the fact that gaining any destination is a real torture rather than a fast and convenient process. Smacircle has solved this issue in a pretty interesting way.

The engineers have designed S1 electric bicycle that can be carried around in a backpack. To unpack it, one should conduct only five steps, and the vehicle is ready to use! The developers stress that their cycle is the most lightweight and compact in the world, as its dimension is 94 × 87 × 40 cm unpacked and 19 × 29 × 49 cm folded. It weighs less than 7 kg, although, it can withstand load up to 100 kg.

The bicycle is powered by 36V Samsung battery installed inside the seat. Battery complete charge requires 2.5 hours. Maximum output is 20 km/h.

Using a mobile application, users can adjust driving speed, monitor battery charge, and block the vehicle if necessary.


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