Rize 3D releasing unique hybrid 3D printers

27 June 17Rize 3D releasing unique hybrid 3D printers

Rize 3D releasing unique hybrid 3D printers

Rize 3D announced the start of sales of hybrid 3D printers Rize One. The main feature of these unique machines is that they use two printing technologies: inkjet and FDM.

Rize 3D presented a functional prototype of the hybrid device in the middle of last year. The startup team gathered leading specialists in the field of additive technologies, including ex-vice president of Stratasys Frank Marangell. So that the audience was not surprised by the fact that the product has extraordinary features.

Rize One combines two 3D printing technologies:

  • development of a model using FDM method fusing carried out by one extruder, which provides an opportunity to print with two filaments, one after another;
  • on the right side of the device there is a cartridge compartment that can be filled with ink for inkjet head (one of the cartridges may be filled with filament for printing support structures, which afterwards can easily be removed without damaging the object).

Thus, one of the main advantages of Rize One is the possibility to remove support structures from the product quickly and easily, leaving it smooth and unharmed.

Rize 3D releasing unique hybrid 3D printers

The current version of the 3D printer can make labels, mark, logos. The developers plan to improve the device so that it can work with other types of ink: current-conducting, thermo-insulating, heat-conducting, as well as with thermoplastics of every possible color.

The size of the Rize One operating zone is 300 × 200 × 150 mm; printing resolution is 250 microns.

The price of a unique device from Rize 3D is $26 000. High-quality engineering thermoplastic can be bought for $119. The developers assure that the products made on the printer are much stronger and more resistant to high temperatures than those created using ABS +.


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