Attendees of 3D Print Conference Kiev will be the first to see unique 3D printed guitar

12 July 16Attendees of 3D Print Conference Kiev will be the first to see unique 3D printed guitar

Attendees of 3D Print Conference Kiev will be the first to see unique 3D printed guitar

Ukrainian developers from the young company called Moy3D have proven that Ukrainian is also rapidly advancing in the additive technologies area like other countries across the globe. Specialists has printed the fully-featured working guitar on the 3D printer. And the first people to see this unique musical instrument will be attendees of 3D Print Conference Kiev, the exhibition of 3D printing and scanning innovative technologies, that will took place on September 16, in Kiev. Moreover, the organizers have invited the famous Ukrainian band to present the guitar!          

Moy3D developers came up with the idea of creating the 3D printed guitar in opposition to the view that the home 3D printer can produce only small prototypes and souvenirs. Using user Flashforge Creator Pro 3D printer with a small operating space, young company specialists have designed the fully-functioning musical instrument with amazing sounding.      

The first Ukrainian 3D printed guitar consists of 20 parts, for which printing makers spent around 55 hours and 1.3 kg of polymer. The final installing and accordance of the musical instrument required a little over a week.

The organizers of 3D Print Conference Kiev have invited the popular Ukrainian band to present opportunities of this unique 3D printed guitar. Its name is kept in strict confidence and will be a surprise for event visitors.     

Moy3D is a young and rapidly developing company that successfully operates in the additive technologies industry. It is one of the largest distributors of 3D printers and consumable materials of Flashforge, Monofilament and other well-known manufacturers in Ukraine. The company offers a wide range of 3D printing plastics, focuses on repair and maintenance of almost all 3D printer models and provides services of 3D design and high quality 3D printing.    

Having designed the functional 3D printed guitar, Moy3D developers showed that Ukraine is not far behind the latest trends in the additive technologies world, is actively developed year after year and can occupy strong positions at the world market.     

You can learn more about 3D printing and scanning novelties at 3D Print Conference Kiev that will take place On September 16 at the Olimpiyskiy NSC. Attendees of the greatest international event will be able not only get acquitted with progressive technologies but also win valuable prizes, such as the 3D printer and 3D pen. To participate in the prize drawing, register to 3D Print Conference Kiev right now!


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