The best resources with free 3D models for printing

24 November 16The best resources with free 3D models for printing

The best resources with free 3D models for printing

After buying a 3D printer many users begin wondering where to get 3D models for printing specific objects. Of course, you can study a 3D modeling program and create them on your own. Or you can download relevant 3D models from the Internet absolutely free of charge. Fortunately, today there are many resources on the web with a wide choice of readymade files. Here is the selection of the most popular ones.

One of the best RuNet websites, where you can download lots of .stl models and sketches. The base contains round 3 000 high-quality projects. Besides that, there is a collection of useful information on 3D printing, scanning and modeling.

The website offers a handy catalogue of models with photos of already printed items, as well as detailed video guides for beginners.

Here you will find a huge base of free 3D models, namely over 9 000 .stl files that are ready to be printed. The website has a convenient navigation system, and features several photos of a printed item next to each model.

Resource that allows downloading models of various devices and machines, as well as detailed tutorials on printing and assembling.

Apart from readymade .stl files, you can find tips on the development of your own 3D models, recommendations on the use of 3D printer, etc. Moreover, you can talk to likeminded people on the website.

A valuable resource for those who love creating different devices, equipment and useful things for everyday use.

There are many simple and complex professional models available on the website, divided into categories “Gadgets”, “Fashion”, etc. for the sake of convenience.  Currently, over 5 000 objects are presented there, and this number is growing day by day.

That’s the storage of absolutely free models of large architectural structures, complex equipment and other unusual objects. Over 43 000 out of them are optimized for 3D print, and the rest can be easily converted using the 3DPrintCloud application.

The website has a specialized section with readymade models for printing. It contains over 13 000 files, featuring jewelry items.           

Here you can find models of all possible characters from anime, films, computer games, famous actors, animals, etc. There are round 1 000 files ready for printing.

User-friendly search system that scans the existing online data bases with 3D models. So if you have not found the required model on specialized websites, use Yeggi – perhaps, you searched badly. 


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