What surprises will get attendees of 3D Print Conference Kiev exhibition?

14 July 16What surprises will get attendees of 3D Print Conference Kiev exhibition?

What surprises will get attendees of 3D Print Conference Kiev exhibition?

On September 16, Kiev will host the annual international conference of progressive additive technologies – 3D Print Conference Kiev. Within the event, there will be a large-scale exhibition presenting exhibits of leading hardware and software developers. Exhibition attendees will be able to appreciate great potential of modern 3D printing and scanning technologies as well as receive valuable prizes.     

Exhibits of 3D Print Conference Kiev exhibition

Within 3D Print Conference Kiev, more than 25 companies from Ukraine and countries from near and far abroad will show their new developments, inventions and all sorts of 3D printing products. Presented there will be both user 3D printers for domestic use and industrial equipment for various application fields. The exhibition format will allow not only to get acquainted with interesting products but also to sign mutually advantageous partnership agreements.      

Surprise of the exhibition is 3D printed guitar in full play! 

Moreover, attendees of 3D Print Conference Kiev exhibition will be the first who see a unique 3D printed functional guitar even in play – the famous and everyone’s favorite Ukrainian group, which name is kept under close wraps and will be a surprise for all event guests, will play this guitar.       

Ukrainian developers are not far behind world innovative trends and have decided to dispel the myth that the 3D printer can create specifically prototypes and small souvenirs. The 3D printed guitar is a fully functional music device providing quality sound. It should be noticed that the guitar has been designed piece by piece on Flashforge Creator Pro 3D printer with a medium printable area. The instrument consists of more than 20 elements, which creation required around 55 hours and 1.3 kg of plastic. Developers spent a little over a week for installing the ready-to-use guitar.              

Prize drawing at 3D Print Conference Kiev conference 

Several valuable prize drawings will be conducted at 3D Print Conference Kiev event. In particular, every registered participant of the exhibition and conference will be able to get Moy3D Delta Rostock 3D printer. A winner will be determined at 5 p.m. randomly.     

Within 3D Print Conference Kiev, there will be also a contest for the best picture created with the help of MYRIWELL 3D pen. A winner of the contest will get this pen as a reward and other participants will get small 3D printed souvenirs.   

Thus, at the 3D Print Conference Kiev exhibition people will be able to see all novelties and get acquainted with additive technologies achievements, communicate with directors of leading domestic and foreign companies, experienced developers, scientists and 3D printing industry specialists as well as participate in contests and various interactives, enjoy a play of talented musicians on 3D printed instrument and win valuable prizes!     

3D Print Conference Kiev event will take place on September 16 at the Olimpiyskiy NSC. Register today and get your chance to dip into the future world and win a new 3D printer.    



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