Photogrammetry – method of creating detailed 3D model from photo

08 December 16Photogrammetry – method of creating detailed 3D model from photo

Photogrammetry – method of creating detailed 3D model from photo

With the help of regular two-dimensional images, photogrammetry together with 3D printing allows high-quality 3D images of any location to be created. Today, experts can examine the topography of any location more thoroughly.

What equipment is necessary for the creation of 3D terrain maps?

The most low-end option includes the use of conventional camera and video camera. It goes without saying, that video and photos should have high resolution. Many experts use GoPro equipment, DSLR cameras, as well as drones in order to get high-quality images with a bird's eye view.

Software for photogrammetry

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Initially, when mastering the art of photogrammetry, it is recommended to use SiteScan software. It allows you to specify the UAV’s flight route, moreover the program will control its following, ensuring the highest quality of location images (i.e. area will be captured on images in full). Manual mode is suitable only for expert in drone piloting; otherwise the quality of model replication may be low.

There are also simple applications for territory scanning and automatic creation of 3D models on the basis of pictures taken. They include Reality Capture, ContextCapture, Pix4Dmapper, Photoscan, 123D Catch, Bundler toolkit, PIXDIM, and Photosketch.

Free software for photogrammetry: ARC3D, Hypr3D, StereoScan, My3DScanner, PHOV and WebDLT.

Areas of photogrammetry application

The use of photogrammetry and 3D printing technology allows constructors to assess relief features, excavation work scope, as well as to calculate the amount of necessary materials, etc. Such a technology greatly facilitates calculations and planning of large areas development.

In addition, photogrammetry is widely used by cartographers, land-surveyors, engineers, constructors, architects and all those dealing with historical monuments and works of art reconstruction. Three-dimensional images, made by 3D printer are also used for training visually challenged people.

Thus, photogrammetry and 3D printing became an excellent tool for research, education, preservation of cultural heritage and making calculations, saving time and money during the construction.


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