Create It Real develops software to protect 3D model copyrights

15 June 17Create It Real develops software to protect 3D model copyrights

Create It Real develops software to protect 3D model copyrights

Denmark-based Create It Real is developing a platform, allowing to protect 3D model copyrights and to provide high quality of final goods.

Create It Real software includes the following opportunities:

  • files are decrypted right on a 3D device;
  • models are printed without immediate access to STL files: high quality of a final product is provided;
  • REALvision slicer prepares a project for printing;
  • software allows to check file integrity and quality.

Developers inform that the platform allows users to print and sell details without fear of copyright infringing. Thus, companies can save on production, storage and transportation of structural parts, because they will be always available as 3D models that can be easily printed.

According to Gartner research, it is the next year that additive technology pirate content will inflict losses equal to more than $100 billion annually. Therefore, Create It Real solution is quite relevant. Everyone remembers how the illegal copying opportunity has influenced the music and cinema industry.

Currently, Create It Real is actively looking for partners and sponsors. Company’s concept has been already supported by Cults 3D file library and several 3D equipment manufacturers aimed at integrating the platform into their own printers

Create It Real says that its product will allow companies to ensure high quality of 3D printing based on its models and to keep customer loyalty. According to developers, the platform will enter the market this year.




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