3D Ninja launched special search service for 3D printing

16 May 173D Ninja launched special search service for 3D printing

3D Ninja launched special search service for 3D printing

3D Ninja, the leading Dutch distributor of equipment for 3D printing, implemented a very useful project: a specialized search engine iFind3D.

The service helps users to find 3D models for printing without preliminary editing or converting to the desired format.

It would seem that the idea of creating iFind3D search engine is meaningless, since on such resources as Thingiverse and Yeggi, you can find any 3D model using filters. However, it's not all that simple. These platforms contain many works that can not be exfoliated and printed. Unlike them, iFind3D searches through 11 different libraries and due to self-learning algorithms chooses only those 3D models that can be successfully printed. By the end of the year, the company plans to expand the list of the resources to 25 websites, which means that users will have access to 90% of all “working” models downloaded to the network.

The program has three filters:

  • sorting by the number of views;
  • sorting by the number of downloads;
  • paid/free access.

IFind3D service is absolutely free and does not have advanced features for those who are ready to pay. The paid version is not provided yet. The resource is not sponsored by anyone except for the company itself. By the way, 3D Ninja allocated for its development €25 thousand. So far, the project is in the testing phase, so there are various bugs.


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