Electric car charging on the way – easy enough!

16 June 17Electric car charging on the way – easy enough!

Electric car charging on the way – easy enough!

Stanford University scientists have developed an innovative solution for electric cars: wireless electricity transmitting on the way.

This solution is based on the technology created at MIT 10 years ago. It transmitted electricity wirelessly to a stationary distant object.

Now, engineers managed to supply current to the LED lamp, moving at a distance of one meter. It has been a 1-milliwatt lamp, while electric cars require more than one dozen kilowatts.

One will be able to keep an electric flux in continuous state if there will be an opportunity to adjust manually some features. It requires the receiving set or transmitter being in almost immovable condition.

To solve such an issue, the team has replaced the radio-frequency source by the voltage amplifier and feedback resistor. This system allows to determine the accurate frequency for different distances without human interference.


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