Warehouses to save money with new technologies

23 August 16Warehouses to save money with new technologies

 Warehouses to save money with new technologies

More and more entrepreneurs are talking about RaaS (robot as a service). The technology enhances the effectiveness of retail.

As you know, today lots of things can be bought in a few clicks. But the processing, packing and delivery of a product takes time. To speed up the process, a few large onlie shops began to use robots in their warehouses.

Of course, not every businessman can afford to use an expensive robot technology. That’s why InVia company was established. The startup lends robots which complete particular tasks. All you need is to integrate the system into the warehouse infrastructure and program it for work. A computer needs a few seconds to find a necessary product in a warehouse and send a robot for it. 

RaaS will undoubtedly gain widespread use and make the delivery process a matter of a few minutes.


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