Obsidian 3D printers are available for order for $99

07 July 17Obsidian 3D printers are available for order for $99

Obsidian 3D printers are available for order for $99

Kodama startup has begun to accept orders for the inexpensive Obsidian 3D printer. The device is anywhere from cheap but time-consuming DIY equipment to expensive professional 3D machines. The first customers will obtain the 3D printer for $99, but later its price will be higher.

Obsidian has been developed since 2015. Its technical characteristics depend largely on component parts. However, there are several basic features:

  • working space: 120х120х120 mm;
  • resolution: 50-350 µm;
  • table heating: up to 100 °С;
  • printing at 180-250°С temperature;
  • open camera;
  • QuadRap cinematics;
  • printing speed: 60 mm/s;
  • positioning speed: 200 mm/s.

The device is compatible with popular thermoplastics: PLA, ABS, PET-G, nylon, polycarbonate, PLA composites, and carbon fiber polymers. It is equipped with a Bowden extruder, and tungsten nozzles will be added in future. The firmware is based on Marlin, while standard software like Cura, Slic3r, and Simplify3D will be suitable for slicing.

Obsidian 3D printers are available for order for $99

Assembled 3D printers will be delivered since this December. Basic configuration can be ordered on Kickstarter for $99. Later on, the retail price will be $199. The 3D printer with LCDs and a power dump print restore option is currently available for $149. And a full optional machine with an on-board camera, heating platform, and mobile application costs $249.


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