Smartflower: solar panels that follow the sun

12 April 17Smartflower: solar panels that follow the sun

 Smartflower: solar panels that follow the sun

Smartflower Solar introduced high-performance solar panels that are capable of following the sun. Thanks to this, Smartflower allows to generate 40% more energy in comparison to traditional analogs.

Innovative panels have a shape of a huge flower. To track the position of the sun in the sky, the device uses GPS. At dawn, petal-shaped panels open, follow the sun throughout the day, and close at sunset.

Besides, Smartflower was equipped with a panel cleaning system. Regular cleaning allows to increase energy efficiency of the device by 5%.

The developer of the unique innovation sold more than 1000 of its systems in Europe. The Smartflower panels are located in the Botanical Garden of Madrid and in the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein. Besides, Europeans install huge flower-like generators in their private backyards. Smartflower is about to go on sale in the US.


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