Fields of application of 3D printing

10 April 15Fields of application of 3D printing

Fields of application of 3D printing

Every year, 3D-printing technology is becoming closer to consumers, opening new opportunities for a variety of fields.

Three-dimensional printing is widely used in almost all known industries. In this article, we have identified several areas that are most actively using innovations of three-dimensional objects production.

- Prototyping and engineering

Industrial production always requires creation of prototypes of future products. Earlier, it took few weeks to make these models,; it demanded huge financial expenses and human labor. With 3D printing, the process simplified – all you have to do it to push a button.

- Small-batch production

3D printing has become an excellent alternative for the production of a small number of products or exclusive copies. In particular, 3D technologies are widely used in jewelry - for example, to create wax models that are later used to cast jewelry.

- Medicine

One of the most promising areas for the application of 3D printing technology. Three-dimensional printing was well received in dentistry, prosthetics, and surgery. Even today 3D printer is capable of creating fragments of human body or entire skeleton.

- Architecture

Layouts of different buildings, separate districts and cities, infrastructure - all this can be 3D printed. 3D product is a full-color model, which is highly detailed, providing opportunities for more detailed analysis before construction.

- Education

3D technology makes it possible to demonstrate students many complex processes and phenomena. The goal is to motivate students and pupils and contribute to rapid assimilation of the material.

- Design and manufacture of cloth

Design and high fashion also could not do without 3D printing. At fashion shows in Paris and London one can already see collections of 3D printed clothes, shoes and accessories.

As you can see, using 3D printing technology, one saves financial and human resources, while others turn their fantasies into reality, creating fabulous structures.

We can only guess what this technology prepares for us in the future. In the meantime, let's enjoy all its benefits.


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