Pillo – Personal Home Health Robot

08 July 16Pillo – Personal Home Health Robot

 Pillo – Personal Home Health Robot

Robot Pillo is your cute little assistant that helps you to take care of your family’s health. Pillo sees, hears and understands you.

It communicates with user and the more you use it, the more functionality and skills it gets. Robot has face-recognition system and built-in camera, microphone and speakers.

 Pillo – Personal Home Health Robot - 1

It collects information about the health of your family members and keeps it in the cloud storage.

Using the gadget you may easily set up the medication regimen for each family member. It puts necessary dose of medication in special cup and reminds you to take it. If you are out of home, robot will send notification to your phone.

Moreover, Pillo looks after your physical activity and can calculate calories.

 Pillo – Personal Home Health Robot - 2

Pillo is equipped with a quad core ARM CPU, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and touch screen with 1080 х 800 resolution. It works without recharge for 5 hours and its container is designed for 250 pills.

 Pillo – Personal Home Health Robot - 3

Pillo may be ordered at Indiegogo. Its price is $299. Release date is July 2017.


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