СЕО will share secrets of launching successful startup

16 February СЕО will share secrets of launching successful startup СЕО will share secrets of launching successful startup

On April 7-8, Sergey Kazantsev, CEO of, will participate in the annual international forum – InnoTech Ukraine. The speaker will report on the topic: How startup creates a market that does not exist   

Sergey Kazantsev is a founder and CEO of DOC.UA, the service allowing to find doctors.   Three years ago, the speaker attracted funding for Ukraine’s first medical online startup. Today, this service has united more than 5500 doctors and 850 clinics in 14 Ukrainian cities. The expert has been running projects of Ukrainian and international companies in investment, insurance, banking, legal and finance sectors for 10 years. He was also a head of subdivisions and offices of such companies as Pravex bank, Gesta, and Oranta.            

Sergey Kazantsev’s project is included to the top 50 list of the national contest of business solutions called STALO from  

Within the conference, speaker will share his experience in launching a successful startup. Main presentation topics are the following:

• How to launch a startup on the market that hasn’t existed before the project? How to bring life to information vacuum?   

• Determination of ideological principles of service project.

• Determination of target audiences and working with them at all stages of project development.

• Successful startup: marathon or sprint?  

The third annual exhibition and conference dedicated to advanced technologies – InnoTech Ukraine – will take place on 7-8 April at VDNH in pavilion #3.  

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