Kiev virtual offices. What is it, what for and for whom?

09 December 16Kiev virtual offices. What is it, what for and for whom?

Kiev virtual offices. What is it, what for and for whom?

A virtual office is the long-standing notion. According to different information, it was implemented in 1978 or 1983. Nevertheless, such a kind of services is still not widely popular. We have decided to examine the activity of several companies, providing this service in order to allow you to learn more about virtual offices.      

What does virtual office mean?

A remote multiuser office space, which de facto address is used by all counterparties. One also provides services involving correspondence management, calls receiving, office lease for business meetings, office assistant services, etc. This spectrum is quite wide for each company.         

Kiev Virtual Office

Kiev Virtual Office is a young company that has opened a virtual office at the Business Centre “Bashnya #5” in Pechersk district.   

Provided services:

- business address;

- multi-language call center;

- individual telephone line handled by personal secretary;

- conference room lease;

- correspondence handling;

- guarded parking space.

Additional services:

- legal support;

- credit checks;

- lease of instant office.

Kiev Virtual Office focuses on international companies, interested in the official representative office in Ukraine, and beginning startup projects that can’t afford to lease the office in prestige district.        

Virtual office

The company called Virtual office presents itself as an organization certified by the state service, acting within the National entrepreneurial development program. Founded in 2008. The office is located in Shevchenko district.     


- legal address;

- sale of formalized companies;

- official registration of entrepreneurs;

- complex legal support;

- business and tax accounting;

- secretary services;

- mail processing;

- production of branded stamps, seals, facsimiles.   

The company provides not only complex but also retail services. It has business addresses in 9 Kiev’s districts.  

Regus virtual office 

Regus works under a slogan: Workspaces for everyone. Besides virtual offices, it has fully-furnished office spaces and co-workings. The organization is represented in 900 cities, 120 countries.   

Virtual office services:

- business address in Kiev, Moscow, or St. Petersburg;

- individual call center services;

- access to 3 thousand lounges worldwide;

- mail handling;

 “Plus” package provides free use of a private office for 5 days per month.  

Choosing virtual office, it is significant to examine the full list of services in order to select the best possible option. Above-mentioned companies are only a small part of operating ones in this area.    



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