Help a young dog with no legs walk for the first time with 3D printed prosthetics

24 March 15Help a young dog with no legs walk for the first time with 3D printed prosthetics

Help a young dog with no legs walk for the first time with 3D printed prosthetics

Normally when talking about 3D printed prosthesis, a majority of the prosthetic designs are designed for those in need that are human … but what about our furry four-legged friends?  While prosthetics for dogs and cats might not be as commonly needed as those for humans, 3D printing is still a perfect method of fabrication for ensuring that these companions are able to have the same quality of life as their peers.  

Thanks to her caring owner, Nimble - a chihuahua Pom mix who was brought into the world with a rough start - may soon be able to walk again thanks to 3D printing.  

After being born via emergency c-section with partial legs, Nimble’s legs became necrotic and gradually started to fall off.  Due to her condition, Nimble’s mother pushed her away because of her disabilities and Nimble was forced to be hand-raised.


Today, the 16-week old Nimble still has one-third to one-half of all of her four legs remaining and thanks to her owner Christine Broyles, currently has a GoFundMe page setup for her that is seeking to raise $10,000 to cover the cost of having custom prosthetics made so that she can walk again.

According to Broyles, in order for Nimble to be able to walk again she will need to be properly fitted with both a cart for her front legs as well as prosthetics for her back legs in order to be able to push the cart.  Because of the high costs associated with working with a specialist through multiple visits, the GoFundMe page will both help pay for the necessary prosthetics and cart as well as medical bills.   

“She has so much spirit, so much love, I had to adopt her because hearing that someone was going to end her life because of her disabilities, I couldn't let that happen,” said Broyles.  “She has brightened up our home, I just want the best quality of life for her, and getting her these special "legs" would allow her to be more mobile and able to get around better. I see her favor her little nubs and having the proper equipment would truly help!”

Thankfully, 3D printer manufacturer 3D Systems has reached out and wants to help Broyles with getting the prosthetics made so that Nimble can start running around the house and the park for the first time in her life.  

So far, the X-rays have been completed however a 3D scan or MRI is needed to move forward in order for 3D Systems to have the necessary 3D data they need to be able to create high-quality prints for Nimble.  Because Nimble is still a puppy however, many have advised Broyles to wait until the pup is full-grown so that she is not constantly having to replace the costly equipment.  

To help Broyles raise money to help Nimble be able to run and play again with new legs, be sure to head over to the Legs for Nimble page on GoFundMe.  



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