FDM 3D printer - an ultra-high-speed device

01 December 17FDM 3D printer - an ultra-high-speed device

 FDM 3D printer - an ultra-high-speed device

Developers at MIT created a new FDM 3D printer, which prints 10 times faster than all existing analogues.

The speed of this 3D printer depends on three components: inertia of the extruder, heating rate of the printing material and filament supply reliability. Engineers were able to improve these indicators and greatly increase the printing speed.

The design of the new device has two innovations: a pulling mechanism on a screw gear with a thread for increased bonding and a unique hotend for fast plastic heating. Because of this, the laser operates in a “flashing” mode and the pulsation frequency maintains the required temperature.

Innotech Ukraine:  FDM 3D printer - an ultra-high-speed device

The creators managed to achieve an incredible result: a nozzle with a 1 mm diameter prints at a speed of 282 cm3/h. Of course, the smaller the diameter, the lower the speed; but the performance of this mechanism still can not be compared to any other.

The printer can be used to make small parts for repairs, surgical models or specific work tools.


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