Six startups that developed thanks to drones

24 June 16Six startups that developed thanks to drones

Six startups that developed thanks to drones

Soon drones will be used in different types of business activities. Let’s have a look at six most interesting startups, which are building businesses on drones.


Startup, which is only 2 years old, has already raised investments from 22 funds, including Qualcomm Ventures, Avalon Ventures and others.

Customers of the company use the application that connects to drones’ cameras. It enables watching HD video streams and photos. Drones are used for mapmaking and land surveying.


Cargo delivery by drones within half an hour. For now startup operates in California only, but it has plans to expand into a large fast delivery service.


It will be useful for photographers and designers mainly, allowing them to outline the territory for future work and get media materials from the air.


Applied for underwater exploration in various basins. Most popular among ecologists and explorers of water depths.

CyPhy Works

Компания применяет дронов в поисковых или спасательных операциях.


Allows watching sporting events straight from the air. Today more than 15 investors are interested in this startup.


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