Five popular Edtech training programs

20 June 17Five popular Edtech training programs

Five popular Edtech training programs

Education is one of sectors, actively changing influenced by digital technologies. Currently, there are various opportunities for training using online platforms or mobile applications for everyone interested. For instance, professors in many universities use new technologies to present teaching materials in more interesting and modern way.

Companies, significantly improving the education industry, include MindSumo, TopHat, StudySoup, CodeMonkey, and Flocabulary.

MindSumo is a student assistant, focusing on the development of task solution skills and creative talent based on best practices of major corporations. The online resource helps to apply knowledge obtained by students into practice. If students solve a task, they gain a reward from the platform. Now, more than 250 000 students use this service.

TopHat is a cloud platform that helps teachers and professors to involve interactive methods of material presentation in the educational process. Thus, teachers can interest the greater amount of students of finding new knowledge sources and creative tasks on their own.

StudySoup is a kind of student online market of educational content. One can add here, for example, notes in electronic format and receive small profit when other students buy them. This platform allows one students to pull up their studies and others to earn some money. Currently, more than 500 000 American students are using StudySoup.

CodeMonkey is an educative resource that trains children aged eight and above in programming while playing.

Such a platform helps kids to absorb new knowledge easier using games. For instance, a child helps a monkey to collect bananas while entering a code. The AI system analyzes children actions and tells them what should be done further.

Flocabulary is a platform developed in Brooklyn that trains kids using musical videos. Flocabulary materials are used in 20 000 schools aimed at developing children’s literacy actively.


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