3D printing for kids: 3D+Robo Kids master class

12 July 163D printing for kids: 3D+Robo Kids master class

3D printing for kids: 3D+Robo Kids master class

We all know that interests influencing further profession choice come from an early age. 

Let’s think what your children will be keen on and what profession they will chose in future.

Will it be programming? According to polls, currently every second prospective student focuses on this area. Law or economics? The market is overwhelming with specialists registered at the labor exchange.     

Henry Ford said, “The way not to miss an opportunity is just to keep jumping”.

We have decided to follow his advice and move away from current modern occupations and find those ones, which will be really in great demand in 5-10 years. According to specialists, the most rapidly developing IT area segments will be 3D printing and robotics. It is this sector that will face a real deficiency of personnel whom employers will be ready to pay a lot of money.            

The organizers of the international 3D Print Conference Kiev event has taken into account this information and implemented absolutely new educative project – 3D+Robo Kids within the professional conference of 3D printing and scanning.   

What does child master class include?  

3D+Robo Kids master class will be conducted by intROBOTS, the leading company at the Ukrainian market that has a great experience of holding such events.  

We intentionally worked out the master class program so that every participant won’t be left behind and receive lots of positive emotions, new skills and knowledge.       

Is your child fond of painting? 

Have your kid ever tried to do it with 3D pen? After the introductory 3D printing lecture, children will create their own third-dimensional artistic masterpieces using such pen. It is very joyful and interesting process, which kids take with enthusiasm!         

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Does your child dream of becoming a robot designer?   

Your kid will be able to make the first step towards their dream at 3D+Robo Kids master class! intROBOTS team will show how to construct racing robots and learn children to write a simple code in Arduino development environment and then organize a speed competition to see who is the best engineer.         

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Does your child like cartoons?  

Like the theater begins with the cloakroom, the modern animated cartoon begins with the basics of 3D modeling. Children will be able to know how to model three-dimensional objects, design any pattern with their own hands at the master class. There will be work places with laptops for all participants, where young talents will be able to learn the ropes of modeling with the help of 123D Design software, which the best Disney artists use for work.                

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The master class lasts 1.5 hours. Within this period, your children will become one step closer to additive technologies. To hold young audience attention and to make them remember more information, the master class program is divided into three 30-minute courses. All this time, your kids will try, experiment, improve and learn from their own mistakes. The training is targeted at children aged 8 to 16 years.         

3D+Robo Kids is not only the joyful event but also additional motivation for kids to learn fundamentals of programming, 3D modeling and printing. Who knows, perhaps after this master class, your child will want to dedicate their own life to 3D technologies? 3D printing development is just gathering pace, and nowadays it is a quite profitable business!  

Be sure, your kid will long remember this event!

Master classes series will take place on September 16 from 10 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. within 3D Print Conference exhibition in Kiev. You can learn more about the schedule on the event website:  http://3dprintconf.com.ua

Attention! All parents have a unique chance to buy a ticket to 3D+Robo Kids master class with 65% discount until July 31.


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