Scientists developed T-1000 robot creation technique

12 August 16Scientists developed T-1000 robot creation technique

Scientists developed T-1000 robot creation technique

Researchers from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology have developed an alloy that is able to transform from solid into liquid form. Using the technology we will be able to produce robots similar to the Terminator’s T-1000.

The technology opens up a possibility to create flexible components and liquid-metal electronics, including smartphones. It will find its application in the development of flexible electronics of 3D printed products as well.

The method of transformation of metal from solid into liquid form was open long ago. Experts managed to develop material with self-deformation properties. The deformation takes place due to the changes in chemical composition of water, and this is the main innovation of the study.

The researchers used Galinstan alloy, consisting of gallium, indium and tin. –19 °C is enough for melting. Metal core conductor together with oxide semiconductor body makes it suitable for the creation of electronics components.

Liquid metal is a key to successful use of new technologies in electronics.


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