3D printing creates custom urns that look just like your loved one

17 November 143D printing creates custom urns that look just like your loved one

3D printing creates custom urns that look just like your loved one

Anyone who has recently lost a loved one that was cremated, might have noticed that cremation urns have been changing. While it used to be a plain, one-type-suits-all affair, the ashes of the deceased can nowadays be kept in a large variety of shapes and objects that commemorate them in a special way. This can, of course, be a beautiful and respectful development.

However, for better or for worse, 3D printing technology has been entering the cremation urn industry as well. At times, this manufacturing technology is used to construct beautiful tributes that capture the essence of the deceased. Just a few weeks ago, we reported on a Minnesota-based company Foreverence, that 3D printed beautiful urns in the shapes of classic cars, guitars or anything else that can serve as a personal reminder.

This can, however, be taken too far as well. We just learned of the Vermont-based company Cremation Solutions, who have also incorporated 3D printing technology into their line of products. While already offering classic and stylish containers and even jewellery made from ashes, their repertoire has just been expanded with 3D printed models of heads made to resemble however is kept in it, and even action-figure like urns that can be dressed up like Superman and Indiana Jones.

These personalized urns are creepily accurate replicas, and don't even have to be based on you or your loved one. The site even suggests it could be 'your favourite celebrity or hero, even President Obama!' These even come in two sizes, a 'keepsake' size and full size.

As they explained on their website, these urns are 'created using the latest technology to create a perfect likeness of the deceased. Using pictures and special facial recognition software we can transform your favorite two-dimensional image into a three-dimensional sculpture that captures the finest details. They only need one or two photos to create the likeness, and it can even erase blemishes so they will look their best for all eternity.'

As can be seen in the pictures, these will have to feature wigs for anyone with longer hair.

If this isn't exactly to your liking, which is understandable, there's always a second option: a movable action figure. Just like the large urns, these feature a facial structure resembling your loved one, and hold a small amount of ashes inside the head of the figure. But more importantly, they feature just about any design and outfit you'd like: School Girl, Biker Girl, Nurse, Trendy Male or Casual Male. Even a Superman and an Indiana Jones outfit are available.

And there's an added advantage to choosing an action figure: price. While a full-sized head urn will cost you $2600 and a keepsake size is priced at $600, you can get a personalized action figure of your loved one for anywhere from $100 to $500.

Technically, they're absolutely right: these are unique and original ways to immortalize the person you've lost. But we just can't imagine they will appeal to everyone.


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