3D Print Conference. Kiev - three-dimensional world of opportunities

24 June 153D Print Conference. Kiev - three-dimensional world of opportunities

3D Print Conference. Kiev - three-dimensional world of opportunities

On September 10 major arena of the country - NSC "Olympiyskiy" – will host 3D Print Conference Kiev, where entrepreneurs and developers will get to know about new ways of technology implementation and will receive updated information on foreign and domestic professionals working in the industry.

In the past few years, 3D printing has evolved from fun entertainment to create handicrafts and crafts into industrial sector, and its capabilities are currently used in architecture, design and advertising.

As last year's 3D Print Kiev demonstrated, many Ukrainian businessmen are aware of the need to modernize their business. However, development of new business fields does not come easy, and even real professionals have difficulties in quick integration of technology into their business.



Using the experience of holding events of 3D Print series in Baku, St. Petersburg and Almaty, Ukrainian companies will have a huge head start, because here the conference will be held for the second year in row, and the number of successful projects that will be presented at 3D Print Kiev, has grown many times.



Traditionally, this is the main platform of 3D Print Conference, where speakers are manufacturers of 3D printers, foreign and domestic entrepreneurs, developers and experts on implementation of 3D printing into new industries.

First and foremost, this conference will be useful for:

  • • Jewelry designers: here you can get inspiration for new projects and learn how to create your own line of accessories at minimum expenses.

    • Software developers: at the conference they will discuss recent software for 3D printers and modeling.

    • Project managers: among the reports - successful strategies to optimize and accelerate operation from creative agencies and design studios.

    • Designers: report of every speaker is accompanied by speakers’ workbooks and sketches for better understanding of the process of working with 3D printing technology.

    • Architects: here you will find ready-made designs of buildings and meet customers interested in creating such models.


Workshops section 

It should be noted that the 3D Print Conference was created primarily for knowledge sharing, cooperation of beginners and experienced users of 3D printers. Therefore, 3D Print will present a series of training workshops for everyone, regardless of their level of training:

  • • Basic trainings to start work of 3D printers.

    • Workshops for fans and owners of their own machine.

    • Workshops for work in applications and secret banks of 3D models.

    • Training and cases to optimize printing for company representatives.


Exhibit space

3D Print Kiev will become a kind of a job fair, a platform for search of orders and contractors, and for testing various types of equipment that will be presented in demo zone.

It will showcase:

  • • New models of 3D printers.

    • Mobile devices for 3D scanning.

    • Spare parts for printers and consumables for printing.


Entertainment area

Not to distract adults from important trainings and presentations, conference will also offer entertainment for the little ones: printed robots, interactive programs and nice gifts.

In addition, in between workshops and performances 3D Print Conference participants will exchange experiences in informal atmosphere on a specially prepared food court with 3D bar, where each glass for greater atmospherics will be 3D printed.


Let us begin to see the possibilities in the three-dimensional world.


See you at 3D Print Conference. Kiev!


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