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On March 11-12, the capital of Ukraine held InnoTech Ukraine, the second annual forum demonstrating the development of science and technology.

Olympic NSC has brought together under one roof the majority of Ukrainian and foreign specialists in the field of innovations to show all the latest achievements of modern technologies. This time, more than 3,500 people have been able to attend a unique forum.

The event has been divided into several areas providing an opportunity for the audience to find exactly what it is interested in. Thus, the event has involved the exhibition demo area and conference, speed-dealing meeting between investors and developers, as well as master classes for children within two days. In general, the program has turned out to be pretty intense, but first things first. 

Demo Area

The exhibition demo area became the most visited place of the event. The guests of the event could familiarize themselves with the most promising areas in the world of technology. The site, which brought together more than 30 companies operating in the field of innovative solutions, was able to please even the most demanding visitors. The participants presenting their products and services designed their booths with great originality.

In the demo area, the guests saw a telepresence robot Max (IMSYS), robots in human growth Mario and Dzhivko, as well as a unique programmable Nao (Noosphere). In addition, there were some entertaining models for children: Valley, Amir and R2D2 (TechnoToys), as well as robots assembled by children (from Prolego).

The Fly Technologies booth presented the latest models and developments of world-famous brand DJI. presented copters used for business. The representatives of Politaymo demonstrated to all comers the world from a bird's eye through the image transmission technology using a camera mounted on a drone.

In the demo area, the visitors could get acquainted with an additive technology thanks to such companies as Revera Technology, Maker Lab, 3dSmart, SINT, 3DP, Monofilament. They presented both Ukrainian and foreign 3D printers including the well-known brand Makerbot.

Lampa, an open laboratory of NTUU "KPI", showed all interested its projects, such as a glove using which you can operate a small robot. Vіakom, a leader of the Ukrainian market in this segment, showed ready electronic components and products for businesses. The preventatives of big business, for example Microsoft, also presented their products at the exhibition.

As for the smart technologies and solutions, there were a lot of them.

The IoT Hub booth presented 13 different projects: a smart dumbbell, a smart home design, a biosensor, a smart decoration, a posture control gadget, a simulator for video games and others. In addition, there were other developments:

- Mobipay - solutions in the field of mobile payments;

- DiGi24 – a Wi-Fi-module that enables a smart phone to control home appliances, climate and lighting in the house;

- Underwater Robot Project - an underwater vehicle that is remotely controlled;

- All_bike_concept - a concept of electric recumbent bicycle with a low centre of gravity and excellent aerodynamic performance;

- UniExo – a robotic exoskeleton; this device can help people with disabilities obtain the freedom of movement;

- Titanovo – a test technology, which allows conducting genetic analysis without having to visit a medical laboratory;

- Locksmaster - smart solutions in the field of security;

- Telederm - innovative healthcare technologies and teledermatology;

- Smiles. School Card – an information and educational system for school facilities;

- Tonki – a creative start-up producing frames and photos of cardboard;

- Agromonitor – a soil condition monitoring.

As for virtual reality, it was also presented at booths of the ChernobylVR project and Touch Me Company.

Above all, throughout these days the guests could witness the real working process of 3D printers, practice in drawing using 3D pen, test VR glasses, communicate with robots and much more. The partner of the demo area, which involved over 30 companies, was Creative Quarter, the most innovative hub of Ukraine.



The conference was divided into six thematic blocks taking place during 2 days. Innovation Trends, Healthcare and Education blocks took place on 11 March. The conference on Innovation Trends was opened by Yuriy Nazarov and Janika Merilo, who discussed the development of smart cities in Ukraine and the development of such areas as the Internet of Things. This conference block was finished with the report on application of copters in the one of the largest sectors in Ukraine - agricultural one. 

The Healthcare block was also very intense and gathered a lot of guests. In addition to large business (Vodafone, Orange, Eleks, Intersog), our science was also represented, namely by Olga Bogomolets (Parliament of Ukraine) and Sergiy Komisarenko (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine). The block presented interesting projects being designed and developed in Ukraine. One of them was the cheapest in the world exoskeleton created by Ukrainian Anton Golovachenko.

During the Education block, apart from software products from Microsoft, Rozumniki and other companies, we discussed the development of such trend direction as online learning in Ukraine. Those engaged in its development delivered their thoughts on the matter: Prometheus, Edera, GoIT, Mooc. The representative of the Ministry of Education Maria Bohuslav was among the guests of this block.

The second day was dedicated mainly to the developers and businesses. The IT Clusters block discussed the development of associations and their potential for various companies. Start-ups and Investors blocks allowed understanding all the problems of developers, associated with the promotion of their products, as well as the opinion of the investors regarding such developments and financing perspectives. Among the speakers there were many well-known in the Ukrainian IT-community guests who needed no introduction: Andrew Kolodyuk Vadim Rogovskiy, Volodymyr Lyulka, and well-known hubs and start-ups: Startup Hub Poland Foundation, IoT Hub, Blynk, Wi-Fi Bar, Concepter and others.


Over 150 guests attended the conference within 2 days, and the number of speakers was more than 50 people.


Speed Dealing

Throughout the first day, there was a dialogue between the investors and developers of start-up projects, who submitted their ideas. In total, 30 promising projects were presented to 20 representatives of investment and venture capital funds. It is important that during the communication, the developers, who were interested in investment, could get quality advice and comments, and some of them could even discuss the possibility of project funding.


Master Classes for Children

Great attention was paid to the development of technological capabilities among children. That is why, the organizers conducted master classes for children of different ages throughout the day on March 12. There were three directions, namely robotics, 3D printing and drone piloting. Thanks to organizational support from Boteon and 3DP, each child was able in just a few hours to learn about the basics of technologies shaping the future. In general, 110 children attended this master class.

In addition, thanks to the partnership with the Blagodetel and Eastern Europe funds, children from orphanages and disabled children had an opportunity to visit the exhibition InnoTech Ukraine. Smile-Expo decided not to stop there; with the assistance of UNICEF, it attracted children with disabilities, who should also be aware of the technological revolutions in the world.

Thus, the organizers want to draw public attention to people with disabilities, as well as demonstrate how innovation can make their lives better and easier. Our volunteers conducted for younger guests a complete tour of the exhibition. In addition, children familiarized themselves with the latest technological solutions presented within the demo area.


Record of Ukraine in Massive Launch of Copters

Another surprise for the guests of the event was a record-breaking marathon of massive launch of copters in the air, which took place on March 12 with the participation of the owners of unmanned aerial vehicles. This event took place right in front of the technological platform of the forum with the support from and Rotor.GP. As a result, a record was set: 22 copters were launched in the sky within 13 minutes.


The team of Smile-Expo, which has organized InnoTech Ukraine for the second time, thanks to all who have become participants and guests of our forum and have been able to join the development of innovations in Ukraine.

Let us develop technologies together!

See you at the next forum!


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