Technical Developments in Ukraine and its Capital

19 November 14Technical Developments in Ukraine and its Capital

Technical Developments in Ukraine and its Capital

A lot business people are willing to simplify complex manufacturing and increase demand for expensive products. But the majority still doesn’t know what for and where to use a 3D printer, 3D scanner, and 3D printing in general. Though it’s already being used in Kyiv and Ukraine for making clothing and accessories, in healthcare, architecture, education, food industry and even for making art objects. Interest of consumers stimulates the development of three dimensional scanning technologies in Kyiv and thus boosts 3D printing in Ukraine.

A lot of people have to study on their own to create 3D printed models, because there are not a lot of experienced 3D printing professionals in Ukraine. But there are companies, and not only in the capital, that utilize the technology in their everyday operation, e.g. School of visual communication, 3DLogia, Cybercom, Volume 3D, Fabbers etc. Representatives of these businesses know that 3D scanning and 3D printing can be implemented pretty easily. That’s why they know how to create low-cost quality products for everyday life. Popularizing 3D technologies is a task requiring educational software, cases and specialized event.

For example, Smile-Expo company has been organizing international massive exhibitions, scientific and practical conferences and seminars for more that tem years, not only in Russia, but all over CIS. On September 5, NSC Olimpiyskiy in Kyiv hosted the first 3D Print Conference, large-scale event devoted to 3D scanning and 3D printing in Ukraine. Exhibition-forum discussed market trends that penetrate into technologies and events of the 3D industry. At the event of such scale, businessmen, manufacturers, distributors and everybody interested in innovations are united.

By signing up for the Smile-Expo newsletter, you’ll be getting information from the official website, including data on next events, new inventions, 3D printing development potential in Kyiv and Ukraine, future prospects and a lot more. Even if you wouldn’t have the possibility to visit, after the events you’ll receive all news from the key experts and foreign speakers about industry leaders and users of 3D printing.

Remember, the future of 3D printing depends on designers, engineers, constructors, marketers, and cultural representatives using advanced inventions in various spheres. Making original staff using exclusive designs and creating instantaneous 3D printed objects is today’s reality. And as for 3D printing in Kyiv and Ukraine, one can say that it exists and it is being used. This is proven even by the fact that after 3D Print Conference, Ukraine’s Guinness Book of World Records has documented a fact of 3D printing the world’s largest national emblem of Ukraine.



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