Liberty flying car is now available

15 February 17Liberty flying car is now available

Liberty flying car is now available

PAL-V has started accepting orders for its own flying car – Liberty. The unique vehicle from Holland developers costs $400 thousand.

Liberty is the world’s first certified flying car with three wheels and collapsible rotors. The tricycle has 100 mph top speed and 62 mph acceleration in nine seconds. Range of the car is claimed to be around 817 miles when a gasoline tank is full. The vehicle requires 10 minutes to switch to a flight mode. Liberty can fly with a speed of 112 mph at the maximum altitude of 3500m. Truly speaking, the tricycle should lift from the takeoff strip, because it requires at least 180 m to accelerate. Flying distance without recharging is 500 m.

Liberty model is offered in several packages:

• Sport – basic configuration for $400 thousand;

• Pioneer –fully finished model for $600 thousand.

To steer the unique tricycle, you will require the flying car pilot’s license. It can be obtained after completing special courses that PAL-V has opened in the USA previous year.

Liberty deliveries will start in late 2018.


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