Innotech 2017 conference will bring together Ukraine’s best innovative technology experts

20 March 17Innotech 2017 conference will bring together Ukraine’s best innovative technology experts

Innotech 2017 conference will bring together Ukraine’s best innovative technology experts

April 7-8, Kiev will host the large-scale conference dedicated to innovative technologies in business, education, investment processes and healthcare within the third International forum – Innotech 2017. Speakers will include representatives of such companies as Deloitte Ukraine, Saturn, Microsoft, IBM, Ciklum, eFarmer, and AVentures Capital.

Within two days, they will tell about innovations in various sectors, as well as share personal experience in success achievement and modern trends of each industry.

On April 7, the conference will include lecturers from speakers of the following blocks:

Innovations for business

To attend this block and listen to speakers’ presentations means to discover the latest business development trends. The conference will engage founders of successful startups, top managers, CEOs in order to show all opportunities of modern innovations application.

One of representatives will be Janika Merilo, a deputy mayor of Dnipro, advisor to the minister of infrastructure and transport and advisor to mayor of Lviv. She will speak on the topic: Open Dnipro or how to build high-end e-city. Pavlo Sheremeta, founder of PRORYV strategy, president at Kiev school of economics and 4th Minister of Economic Development and Trade, will dedicate his presentation to the topic: Value innovation in the Blue Ocean Strategy.

Healthcare innovations

Speakers will tell what should be expected from future healthcare: implementation of entire process automation, how to create new marketing categories, and what innovative mechanisms will be implemented in modern health facilities.

Radutskiy, the owner of Boris clinic, counselor to the head of Kiev City State Administration, and Alexey Shershnev, CEO at Medical company Ilaya, will be keynote speakers within this conference section.

Innovations in education

Presentations of this block will be useful for everyone interested in innovations in education: what future education will look like, how AR and VR technologies influence the educative process, whether robots will be able to replace teachers.

Svyrydenko, Teacher Engagement Manager in Central and Eastern Europe at Microsoft, will tell about education as future currency.

On April 9, the conference will focus on investments, emigration of Ukrainian specialists and startup projects of Ukrainian market:

Talented people’s drift abroad

Ukrainian professionals in various areas increasingly prefer to work abroad, and everyone find their own advantages. This block will be fully dedicated to discussions of main reasons of specialists’ relocation in other countries. Speakers will also present their own ideas regarding minimization of specialists outflow and maximization of intellectual capital across Ukraine.

Investors block

Frequently, startup developers can’t actually estimate the investment potential of their project. Conference speakers of this block, representatives of investment companies and venture foundations, will explain how to attract investments in a startup efficiently and whether it makes sense to bring a project to the international stage.

Startups block

At the conference, invited founders of successful startups will tell how to find your own niche on the market, how startups will grow in future and what key tasks should be solved before promoting your idea.

Speakers of the second conference day will include Andrey Kolodyuk, founder and managing partner at AVentures Capital, and Nataliia Berezovskaya, CEO and founder of D2N8 Ventures, co-founder and heads of UAngel.

Hurry up to register in order not to miss the most significant event of the Ukrainian innovation market – InnoTech Ukraine.


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